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Order Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Everything Included When You Subscribe?

What are the System Requirements?

Is Metric Supported?

Is Customer Support Free?

Is there a Guarantee?

Can I use it on my home and work computer?

Can I Open Files After My Subscription Expires?

Can I Convert My Existing Floor Plans to 3D?

Can I draw plans from scratch?

Is Everything Included When You Subscribe?

Yes. Plan3D is one product for one price with all the product features you see described on this web site for home, kitchen, bath, office, landscaping, and so on. There are no add-ons, extra fees, or other costs.

(OK - there is one exception, if you hire our designers to convert your floor plans to 3D the pricing will vary by the size of the plan and so on. Though you do get a free two month subscription to Plan3D with your plan so you can edit it. You also get a free YouTube video.)

Can I Hire You to Convert my Floor Plans to 3D?

Yes. A lot of our users don't have time to do all the conversion work themselves as they're on deadlines to get their homes built and want to see how they'll look so they can make changes with contractors BEFORE they're stuck with something they don't want. Click here for more information about our Plan Conversion Services.

What is included exactly?

You get all the 3D and 2D design tools described on our web site - including all the tools you need to do designs and layouts for homes, kitchens, landscaping, interior design, bathrooms, basements, sign making, offices, retail stores, restaurants - plus all the features of plan3D you see described on our website. Feature Overview...

Are renewals automatic ?

No. We don't renew automatically. You can renew manually either before or after your subscription expires. Many users sign up for our lifetime subscription so they don't have to worry about renewing.

How do I subscribe?

Click here to sign up. You can use plan3D immediately after subscribing.

Will it work on my 13-year-old computer?

It probably will, but it may be slow. Plan3D works best on computers with accelerated 3D video cards that are included with most computers since 2001. Learn more...

Can I view plans after my membership expires?

Even if your account is expired you can still view, print, and make changes to your projects. However, only current members can save their work.

Take advantage of the special pricing for our lifetime membership and you'll never have to renew.

Are 3D objects and textures included?

Yes. You get free access to all our large library of 3D objects and textures as well as any new ones we add. 

Is there a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

Yes. If you're not 100% satisfied with plan3D for any reason, email us within thirty days for a full refund. Read more about this under our End User Agreement.

Who is Plan3D?

Plan3D is the company that wrote this plan3D software and sells it online. Our founders have been doing computer software since 1979 having created other websites like,, as well as software like DeskArt, ZBasic, FutureBasic, and others.  Learn more

Plan3D Incorporated, Computer Software Publishers & Developers, Tucson, AZ

Is technical support free?

Yes. You get unlimited technical support for no extra charge.

Are upgrades free?

Yes. Any new objects and materials we add to our libraries are also instantly accessible to you.

Is metric supported?

Yes. You can set plan3D to work in metric or U.S. measurements. This is easily set under Preferences in the Edit menu under the "Measurements tab."

Do you have a user manual?

Yes. You get a complete online manual with video tutorials, and detailed instructions. We're updating it all the time.

What Are the System Requirements?

Plan3D works on any computer or laptop running native Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2000, XP. Learn more

If you have a Macintosh computer with a native version of Windows installed with "Parallels Software" you can use plan3D. Plan3D does not work on a Macintosh system running the pseudo version of Windows that comes with it.

Are Apple/Macintosh, iPad, Android, iPhone, Tablets, or mobile phones supported?

No they're not. Plan3D only runs under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. See System Requirements for details.

Can I buy it on DVD?

No. Plan3D is by Online subscription only. However, there is a lifetime membership option. If you sell your old computer you can download it to a new one. You can use Plan3D on two computers simultaneously.

Can I use it without an Internet connection?

No. Logging in requires a connection. Dragging in 3D objects, textures, requires a connection.

Can I use my own surface textures?

Yes. We support JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats. Just drag the graphic file onto a 3D surface and it will be applied. You can also resize, rotate, and move textures on surfaces.

This also works for putting your own photos and art in picture frames or on walls.

Plan3D also supports mirrored surfaces - for putting mirrors and bathrooms, hallways, walls, etc. And Reflective surfaces - for example, shiny floors and countertops.

Can I use it on my home and work computer?

Yes. We allow two concurrent installations. To install on a third, uninstall it first from one of the first two installations.

Can I open files after my subscription expires?

Yes. Expired members can open, view, edit, and print their project files - they just can't save changes. Our lifetime membership allows you to not worry about an expiration date.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Simple. We promise never to give anyone access to your personal information. You'll never get spam from or because of us. We will send you a reminder when it's time to renew (we don't renew automatically.) We may send you an occasional - maybe 1 or 2 emails a year at most - about your membership.  Learn more


Can I draw plans manually - from scratch?

Yes. You can draw every detail of your plans manually if you want. Draw walls, drag on windows, doors, roofs, etc. We provide several time-saving wizards and floor plan tracing functions to get you started faster but you're under no obligation to use them.

Does Plan3D export 3D file formats like expensive programs like 3D Max?

No. Since Plan3D is is an inexpensive 3D program that works online, it is designed to be small size for downloading and quick response online.

Can I trace existing floor plans?

Yes. We provide simple tools for importing and scaling your existing floor plans so you can trace walls, roofs, drop in cabinets, fixtures, and so on. This can save you a lot of time.

Will you do my floor plans for me?

Sure. Our design experts will create plans for you for as little as four cents a square foot. This service is really helpful for users in a hurry or busy with other things. Learn more

Can I Record 3D walk-throughs?

Sure. You can use screen-recording software from third parties to record what you see when you walk or fly through your projects. Screen recordings can be saved in Flash or YouTube movies or slide shows.

Can a contractor and others view my plans in 3D?

Yes. Anyone can view your plans with our free viewer. Learn more

Is it easy to learn?

Yes. Plan3D was designed to be used by homeowners and others who are not graphic designers or architects. We have removed unneeded complexity to make the design experience simple and enjoyable - while retaining the features you need most to see exactly how your project will look. Learn more

Can I print 3D, blueprint, and other views?

Yes. Print any view from any position including 3D, blueprint, overhead, and elevation views. Blueprint and Elevation views include detailed dimensions you can share with contractors, interior designers and government permit agencies.

Can I put views in PowerPoint, Word, etc.?

Sure. Plan3D will export any view to a graphic file you can use in Powerpoint, word processors, emails, etc.

Can I change the size of objects?

Yes. Set height, width and depth of any object - like furniture, cabinets, walls, appliances, and fixtures. We even give you tools to rotate, scale, and move surface textures.

Can I add my own colors, and surface textures?

Yes. Pick colors from a paint company like Behr, or mix your own colors. You can use texture files like wood, fabrics, bricks, carpet, etc. from the Internet and other sources.

Where are my project files saved?

All projects are saved on your computer. We do not have access to your files.

Do I own copyright to projects I create?


Is there a limit to the number of projects?

No. Members may create as many projects as they want without limitation.

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Customer Quote

One User's Experience...

"So I have been working with your program for only about 4 days and I can't get enough. I work at a camp where we are constantly building, designing, or changing something - anything from buildings to stages to offices.

I am often involved in these changes, but lack the artistic ability to accurately draw out my idea or discuss the use of space with the left-brained people or the carpenters who hang up my "drawings" for their entertainment.

This program has allowed me (in less than 4 days) [to] create a proposal for the use of a space in our new building. A proposal that everyone understood, could visualize, and that had a tangible application.

No one giggled at my drawings in this proposal meeting - not when I was able to hand the carpenters the blueprints and the project manager the color, textures, furniture requests, and a 3D layout of the room... Thank you much. I thoroughly enjoy working with this program."


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