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Plan3D: Kitchen Design, Kitchen Layouts, Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Design

All the Features You Need - Without the Complexities


Kitchen Design Made Easy

So realistic it's funSnap cabinets and appliances together and rearrange them until you get exactly what you want. Try out different wood finishes and paint colors. Move the refrigerator around or try out different types.

While designing you see exactly how your ideas will look with lights, shadows and reflections. It makes the design process fun.

All-In-One Design Tool

When you subscribe to Plan3D you get all these kitchen design tools and everything else you may need for home and office design. It's all included in the price - there's nothing else to buy. Learn more...

Modify, Edit, Change Your Mind

It's easy to try out your ideas using Plan3D. Remodeling a kitchenis a process of many experiments - until you get it right.

Snap-in Kitchen CabinetsDrop in kitchen walls with a few clicks of the mouse. Add windows and doors with a few more clicks. Then add cabinets, tile, paint, countertops, appliances, sinks, flooring, wallpaper and so on. Change any or all of these elements as often as you want. Share your plans with others. Even print out plans with dimensions.

Realistic 3D models add to the realismAppliances, Cabinets...

Choose stoves, microwaves, cooktops and refrigerators by size, style and capacity. Doors open and close on appliances so you can see how they'll fit in your design. Doors on cabinets, refrigerators, and so on open and close.

Change colors, stainless steel surfaces and other finishes as needed. Even check appliance capacity visually. More

Tile Floors the Easy Way

Mix different textures on surfacesApply tile (and other surfaces) to any part of your kitchen. See how it looks on floors, walls and countertops. Tile can even has reflections. Mix and overlay tiles with other tiles or with granite, formica and other surfaces.

Choose from our large selection of textures or get surface materials from the manufacturer's websites. Even design your own textures in Photoshop and other paint programs to see how it looks. More...

Add Dining Rooms, Pantries, And More

Incorporate design dining rooms into your kitchen designs easily. Plan3D includes all the tools you need to design any room in your home - not just kitchens. And you get everyone for one price. Plan3D can even do restaurant, bar and lounge design.

Paint, Wallpaper, Wood, Granite

Reflections and Animations Help You VisualizePaint any surface with any color or faux. Apply wood textures to any surface like walls, cabinets, appliances and so on. Add wallpaper to all or part of a wall. Apply paint over plaster, bricks and other surfaces. Adjust reflectivity and shadow.

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