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Plan3D: Online 3D Home Design, Kitchens, Interior Design, and Landscaping

Home Design Made Easy
For Busy Homeowners

Design Your Dream Home, Remodel the Kitchen, Landscape the Yard, and Add Furniture Too!
Home Design


" a student in Interior Design I can't believe the quality - it's really amazing. I am so pleased with the work I have been able to do and it's so simple!"
Zoe Henden

"Let me start by saying that I am new to plan 3D and completely hooked!  We are having a home built... re-creating the floor plan with plan3D has been incredibly helpful. The kids tease me and say now Mom has her own video game!"
Gina Toscano

"Laying out my kitchen appliances and cabinets couldn't have been easier! Cabinets and appliances snap together. It's amazingly realistic - even the refrigerator and cabinet doors open and close. "
Geoffrey Smyth

"...a big thank you for a wonderful program! I've designed the house of my dreams and impressed my architect!  He had no idea what... I wanted until I was able to show him!  How fantastic is that!"
Janice Brown

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Let us convert your floor plans to Plan3D for you

World's Most Realistic Home Design Software

Kitchen DesignOur home design tool was made ultra-easy for homeowners because you have better things to do than learn complex architectural software.

If you know how to navigate the Internet or use a word processor you know how to design your home, or business now with Plan3D. See More...

Design One Room or An Entire House

Interior DesignDesign a basement, kitchen, or bath by itself or create your five-story dream home inside and out. Show Me More

Unlike other home design programs, Plan3D lets you create the structure of your house or business, do interiors, add a roof, lay out cabinets, and landscape your yards - as well as everything else you see on our pages. There is nothing extra to buy! You get all the features you see here for one price (if you hire our designers to convert floor plans to 3D that's extra although you get plan3D free.) 

See our Huge Home Gallery.

Some of the design tools you get included free with Plan3D:

Home Design Kitchens Bathrooms
Landscaping Interior Design Sign Making

Retail Stores

Office Design  

Not Just for Homeowners

For the same reasons homeowners love Plan3D, contractors and interior designers will find it easy for showing clients exactly what a project will look like when it's finished. Learn More

Thousands of 3D Models Included FREE

Realistic 3D ModelsYou get free access to every one of our thousands of 3D sofas, chairs, desks, patio furniture, tables, cabinets, appliances, windows, and doors. Many are animated with the click of the mouse (like the refrigerator.) Change the size and dimensions of any object.

Choose from thousands of paint colors, as well as textures like carpet, bricks, fabrics, tile, pavers, upholstery, leather, wallpaper, metal, wood, and so on. Need something that's not in our collection? Drop in your own photos onto any surface. There is nothing else to buy. These are included.  Examples...

Powerful Features Without the Complexity

If you're looking for a home design tool you can use without taking hours to learn - you've come to the right place. Design one room or an entire house with doors, walls, windows, bathroom fixtures, cabinets and roofs. As you design you'll see your ideas in realistic 3D with lights, shadows and reflections.

Remodel your basement, kitchen, or bath. Decorate any interior with paint, furniture, and flooring, or go all out and design a five story dream home from attic to basement.

Convert Existing Floor Plans

Convert Floor Plans to 3DUse Plan3D to trace floor plans and do 3D walk throughs to see how your plans will really look.

Is the closet big enough? Is the hallway wide enough? Will the bedroom set fit in the guestroom? Now you can see exactly what you're going to get in advance. If you're busy - that's ok! We'll convert your plans for you! Get your free estimate today.

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Any laptop or desktop with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, or Vista.
Not compatible with Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, or Android. Details...



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Realistic 3D Home Design

Realistic 3D Home Design

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