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Plan3D: Online 3D Home Design, Kitchens, Interior Design, and Landscaping

Gallery of Plan3D Homes and Buildings


8 Story Apartment ComplexThis two story duplex was submitted to our designers for conversion to 3D. Each unit has two storys. Very nice.


8 Story Apartment Complex
Half level basement on a hill opening to the back. It shows how plan3D can do terrain editing and split levels among other things.

  8 Story Apartment Complex
Large house rendered with a swimming pool, living space above the garage, a very nice back porch and pool patio area.
8 Story Apartment Complex
Very nice home design with large cathedral ceilings, spanish tile, expansive living space, and much more
all rendered from floor plans using Plan3D.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Vacation homes, cabins, and getaway homes are easy to remodel or create from scratch using our simple home design tool.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
The front of this house on the left was the the original bungalow out in the Bahamas. The owner added a second floor and a garage in the back.
8 Story Apartment Complex
Another duplex remodeled in 3D. Rental properties often need fixing up to get the rent up to a profitable level. It's easy to do this in Plan3D
  8 Story Apartment Complex
This nice little bungalow was remodeled quite a few times until the owner got it right. Ideas seem good but the contractor says it can't be done.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Surprisingly, Plan3D can also be used to design churches complete with seating, stages, light rooms, and other meeting rooms.
8 Story Apartment Complex
Old, new, modern, or any other type of house can be rendered in 3D. Plan3D provides all the tools for kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, garages, and more.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Vacation homes, boat houses, beach front property, and cabins are easily designed by homeowners like you using Plan3D. Or hire us to do it for you.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Your home can be created from scratch, remodeled, and re-designed inside and out, top to bottom, using Plan3D. And what you see is what you'll get!
8 Story Apartment Complex
Big porch home has porches on all sides as well as basement that opens to the lower level in the back. Great cabin in the country if you can afford it!
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Big homes in the 11,000 sq. feet range can also be rendered using plan3D. If you can afford a house like it might be better to have us do it for you?
  8 Story Apartment Complex
You may be surprised at all the things you can do with Plan3D nowadays. It has more features than programs costing 10x as much.
8 Story Apartment Complex
Large mansions are created with Plan3D all the time. People get floor plans from their architects but want to see them in 3D at a reasonable price.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
The owner designed this house from scratch working with rooms sizes set and than put it together. The white border is the property line.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
This rental property was converted to a triplex and the owner realized much more rent this way. You too can use plan3D to increase your income.
8 Story Apartment Complex
This beverage company submitted their floor plans for a free estimate and commissioned Plan3D to render their floor plans in 3D.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Beautiful mansions on a tropical beach, anywhere in the world, are dream homes people love to create in Plan3D. The sun. The water. Ahhhh...
  8 Story Apartment Complex
Three story homes and higher are easy to do in plan3D. Even split level homes where floors are at half levels are easy.
8 Story Apartment Complex
Some homes are so beautiful you know the owners spent lots of time fine-tuning the layout, the look, and the homey appeal.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
One of our users converted their tennis ball courts into pickle ball courts so they could see them in 3D. Each tennis court makes two pickle ball courts.
  8 Story Apartment Complex
This split level home has a pool, spa, ramada, game rooms, and so much more. Don't be limited by your software. Get Plan3D!

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