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Plan3D: How to Update your Video Card Driver

Update Video Driver

Get Latest Driver for Your Video Card

More than half of the support problems we see are fixed by updating the video card driver. Really! The driver comes from the manufacturer, is free, and takes less than five minutes. Why not do it?

A video or display "driver" is the software that makes your video screen function properly with your computer. You get your video driver from the video card maker - or laptop maker if you have a laptop. It is always free.

Update Driver No Matter What:

1. Be sure to update even if Windows says it is current. It does not check openGL.

2. Updating Windows does not update the video card's driver. You need to do that manually unfortunately.

3. New computers very often have out of date video drivers. Update the driver to fix.

Update Video Driver in Three Steps

1. Determine Make/Model of Your Video Card

Open the Start menu, click Control Panel, then Device Manager, then click the + symbol next to Display Adaptors. Write down what you see. You'll need it in step 3 below.

2. Locate the Download Location for the Driver

If You Have a Desktop Computer...

Go to the video card maker's web site and find the driver download page for your video card. Common video maker web sites: (GeForce) (Radeon)

If You Have a Laptop Computer...

a.) Go to the web site for your Laptop. Common laptop maker web sites:

b.) Get the laptop's complete model name and number from the bottom of your laptop - you'll need both of them to find drivers for your laptop.

c.) Locate the web page for your laptop model's video driver (sometimes called the "Display Driver"). There's usually only one but some manufacturer's offer several video options so make sure you get the one that matches the video chip or card you have (see step 1 above.)

3. Download and Install the Video Driver

1. Download driver to desktop
2. Double-click icon to run installer
3. Always "Restart" computer after installation
4. Run plan3D




Common Symptoms

1. Slow performance and "Not Responding" errors.

2. Crashing and Freezing.

3. Installation stops unexpectly.

4. Clicking "misses" objects or handles sometimes.

5. Menus or Toolbar appear in the wrong position, are warped, or missing.

6. Opening or saving a file gives errors or freezes up.













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