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Plan3D: Free Viewer

Free Viewer for Plan3D

It Does Everything Except Save

Use the free viewer for viewing plan3D files (.3dp). Although this version does not allow saving your work, it does allow you to do everything else - such as plan creation, walk-throughs, editing, printing, and so on.

Warning: You will not be able to save from the free viewer even if you do subscribe - so consider subscribing before your plan advances too far. You must login as a member to save your work.

Who Should Use the Free Viewer?
  • Members may send the link to this page to contractors, interior designers, friends, or family so they can view your plan3D files just like you do. Read More About Sharing Files...
  • If your membership expires you can use this to view, edit, and print your changes without having to subscribe again. Although you will not be able to save any changes you make.
  • Send this link to people who want to try plan3D.

How to Install the Free Viewer
  1. DOWNLOAD: Watch video at bottom of page or just follow these instructions. Click this button and "Save" to your desktop.

    Click to download plan3D

    Important: If a yellow bar appears that says "Click Here" - be sure to click it and choose"Allow Download".
  2. iconINSTALL: After downloading, double-click the blue installation icon to install plan3D. Installation is done when the orange
    icon appears on the desktop.   It's OK to delete the set up
    icon after installtion is complete.
  3. RUN PLAN3D: Double-click this orange icon on your desktop.   
    Important: When you run plan3D the first time your Firewall
    may ask if it should allow plan3D to connect to the internet - please answer "YES".
  4. TO OPEN THE FREE VIEWER: Click the FREE VIEWER button - no need for email or password.


Open Viewer Without Email/Password

This video tells you to enter your email and password. Ignore that and click the free viewer button instead.

For higher-quality choose 720p HD






Install Problems

Most problems we see, such as installation freezing up, and opening plan3D not responding, can be fixed if you Update Your Video Driver.

For solutions to other problems, such as login and downloading, read solutions at Support.



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