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Plan3D: Testimonials, Reviews, and Customer Feedback


Reviews and Quotes

The following unsolicited testimonials, reviews, and quotes come from customers and various web sites.

Please send us your feedback so we can tell others.

"Plan3D helped us decide we needed to raise the roof [he converted the attic to livable space]!

As well as a fantastic design tool, it's been a great way to communicate with our architect, I would recommend it to anybody - both layman and professional. A truly powerful utility for the relatively insignificant cost, its well worth its weight!"

David Morgan
London, England


"...I tried various shareware, freeware and demo programs before trying plan3D and found them all to be either deficient in capability or really over the top in the learning curve. Plan3D is perfect for what I need it to do (an addition to our house and landscaping design) and I will be recommending it to others. Thanks!"

Candice Knerr
Chicago, Illinois


[From a Review]

"This is one of the most fantastic online software products that we've seen, of any type. We can't say enough about it. It seems to solve all of the problems that plague other home design products. It's easy to use, has tons of features, and is uniquely priced as a subscription so that you can try it out for only as long as you need it.

Make no mistake, this is not a play-toy program, even though it is so much fun to use. It produces detailed and dimensionally accurate plan drawings good enough for construction..."
Kalispell, Montana


"Because we were under serious deadlines with our new house, and crazy busy with work schedules, we had you do the whole plan for us. We knew from using plan3D with our kitchen how helpful it was.

Wow! Three days later we got the plan3D file of our new 2,400 square foot house for only $195 (we had you do the cabinets and everything else.)

We must have made a hundred changes to the plan with our contractor before construction was completed. I knew how useful it was for our kitchen - but it was ten times more helpful building our new home. There's no telling how much money or time we saved thanks to plan3D. Thank you so much for your help."

Karen S.

"The kitchen design part of plan3D was very simple to use - we were able to layout our kitchen cabinets quickly, then view things from different angles. This allowed us to make changes, additions, and deletions easily until it looked exactly the way we wanted. Thanks for making such a useful product. You're the best!"

Harold Blumenthal
New York, New York

"Thank You! The DurhamLoftBed looks GREAT! [We added to library at her request.] I put it into my kids' room on my floor plan, and the detail you put into it is wonderful.

I will let other people know about this Great Site. I especially like having the latest version of the software, and all the bells and whistles without having to "buy the latest version" and without it taking up tons of space on my own computer,"

Reni Xavier
Colorado Springs, Colorado


[From a Review]

"I am completely hooked on plan3D and highly recommend it to you! You will not believe how easy it is to draw up a new plan for your bathroom with plan3D - and then “walk around inside your plan” to see if you like it! It looks so real - and the 3D effect helps you see exactly how your bathroom will look when you have completed it."
New York, New York


"Plan3D is excellent I just love it as a student in Interior Design. It is affordable but gives great effects...

I can't believe the quality its really amazing. I am so pleased with the work I have been able to do - and the fact that is so simple to use.

I have a project deadline in march and I can't wait to show my work! Even my brother was impressed and he is used [to] 3D studio max."

Zoe Henden
Wilmington, Delaware


[From a Review]

"... it is hard not to be impressed by the realistic graphics available on Plan3D. The design site, through the downloadable software, lets you see a 3D version of your home's blueprints, see and change your remodeling ideas for every room in the house, and fill in each room with colors, fabrics, surface textures, and furniture until you find the one you like.

You can view the rooms from any angle and can switch back and forth to see the blueprint for dimensions. This is a great site for both serious remodeling planning and playing..."

Katie Behrhorst
Sonoma Family-Life Magazine

Sonoma, California



"I approached the plan3D software as a trial and error type effort ... as I do with most software these days. It was fairly easy to create the basic house outline...

I love the 3D stuff you produce, especially now that my new computer has a decent video card. I was just about giving up on my house renovation (major) because my architect is rather lame and doesn't provide any 3D views. There was something wrong with his design, but I couldn't put my finger on it. After inputting his basic plan into your software I was much better able to picture the new house. I discovered lot's of problems and re-arranged things and am now inspired to actually build it."

Paul Reeves
Yuma, Arizona


"We used plan3D to design condos for an investment project. It was easy for us to quickly visualize the basic room layouts for discussion. When we were done, we gave our plan3D blueprints and 3D designs to the architect. The project finished a month ahead of schedule. Thank you."

Bobby Transil
New York, New York



"I am 3/4 through designing my new 2-bedroom apartment with your design tool. plan3D's been great for stopping design errors before they occur - eg. ensuring good traffic flow around a room, proportionality and overall balance. To know in advance of having even been in a room if an industry-sized area carpet will augment the room or not, and exactly where it should be placed, is truly amazing.

Plan3D was also an invaluable tool in dissuading salespeople from trying to sell me things that can't fit my space. I've had two different reactions to showing them a 3D plan. Either they look stunned, can't talk and just stare at me, silent. Or they're inspired and want a copy to show the store's interior designer - who is not pleased about Plan3D's existence and who tells the salesperson not to be excited by it!  Either way, Plan3D allows me to wander the shop in peace, look for what I want, and have the patience and confidence to keep looking if I don't find the item right away.  

I used Plan3D to completely decorate a home that I had only visited for half-an-hour altogether on two occasions - just enough time to take its measurements and sense its rooms. By the time I moved into this home a month later, I ran into one problem only: I hadn't included lighting sockets on any of the walls! (Do they exist?). Even so, the only change I had to make to my plan involved the position of one floor lamp."

Beverley Markle
Scranton, New York



["A+" Business Review of Plan3D, Inc.]

"Rated A+ on a scale of A+ to F... Plan3D, Inc. is the provider for the Home Design Software Online. They have been providing this software since October 2001..."

Better Business Bureau
Tucson, Arizona

"If every company had customer service as good as yours, we all would be happier!   Thanks again -- you have saved me $$$$$$$$$ -- the abillity to see, change, experiment and then realize.  The house that I built in Belize looks just like my model.   Unbelievable.
Thank you again -- I have 2 more people that have signed into your program.  More to come!"

Gary Buchman



[From Review]

A to Z Building News did this review of [not related to plan3D] which does interior design work for its clients using plan3D.

"...To ensure that anyone can be an active part of the room redesign process, Designing Online creates all their 3D room layouts using Plan3D, an online 3D design program that's available to everyone and is easy enough for almost anyone to use. Those who subscribe to Plan3D or use its free reader, can easily view the Plan3D formatted room designs created by Designing Online.

Plan3D, soon to be the standard for sharing 3D designs online, is the perfect program for us to use when creating new room designs because it provides our clients with the opportunity to actually walk through and experience the rooms we design. There is no topping this..."

A to Z of Building News
Sydney, Australia



"In only a few days (of part time playing) I have managed to construct a replica (well almost... I am still trying to iron out some things...) of my semi-detached house here in the UK.  I have even played with the bathroom and one of the kids bedrooms.  I have also managed to pull together a pretty good imitation of our stair case and specifically the banister posts.

Thanks again for your help and a great service. I'd be happy to be a reference for you as a UK customer with a great experience."

Kevin Bland
Croydon, England

"P. S. I have never used any 3D Modeling software before so when I say novice... I mean  novice!"



"Plan3D is one of the greatest programs I've ever used! It's makes it easy to get what's in your head into your computer so other people can see in 3D what your ideas are..."

Justin Kagan
Scottsboro, Alabama



"Just wanted to let you know how much I like your product, and that I placed you on my Home page and Landscaping page. Thanks!"

Alisa Forshaw
Alberta, Canada



"...I have spent many hours using Plan3D to design our future home with about 4,500 sq. ft under roof. My wife is happy because now she can now see our new home with furniture in place and dog on the front porch. I think that it's a great for the cost. Thanks again."

Gil Theriault
Boston, Massachusetts



"Let me start by saying that I am new to Plan3D and I am completely hooked!  We are having a home built here in California and it won't be finished for about 5 more months.  Re-creating the floor plan with plan 3D has been incredibly helpful. 

Being able to visualize room configurations has helped in so many ways and has saved me from making some furniture-purchasing mistakes.  With this tool I am able to decorate and plan and prepare for one room at a time and I know exactly what furniture items I need to buy and where I am going to put them, so thank you for this wonderful product.  The kids tease me and say now Mom has her own video game (little do they understand the difference between productive work and play)... Thank you for your help, I love my Plan3D! "

Gina Toscano
San Diego, California



"I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your outstanding product Plan3d home design. I've been experimenting with it for the past three days and my wife has to remind me when it's time to go to bed! I get so absorbed with all the possibilities Plan3D provides.

This is a great tool for the non-professional who wants to conceptualize a dream home. After initial trial and error plus the easy-to-follow tutorials I'm getting half good at this thing if I do say so myself...

Thanks for a great product. You and your associates should be proud of what you've accomplished. Thanks, too for sharing that pride with your customers. Fantastic!"

Ed and Phyllis De Jesus
Miami, Florida


"I've been using Plan3D for about 4 days now and am absolutely loving it!  Thank you for putting together such a wonderful (and fun!) program.  I had been looking for a program that provided ease of use, had a relatively short learning curve and offered lots of options for building, interior design and landscaping, as well as one that wasn't going to break the bank.  Plan3D fits the bill very well indeed.

For the record (and for your demographic purposes), I assume I'm a typical Plan3D user.  Aside from purchasing/building a few homes for our family's personal use, I'm not professionally involved in the building or Real Estate trades.  I'm also not a professional Interior Designer.  While I'm highly proficient on the computer, I'm in no way a computer expert.  I know nothing of CAD, although I assume I could learn, if I had the inclination.  Basically, I just like playing around with and manipulating floor plans and interior designs and then seeing those plans in 3D.  Plan3D has made that very possible...

Again, thank you for creating Plan3D.  It's wonderful!"

Sular Cam
Lancaster, Michigan



"...this is GREAT! Well done!"

Jennifer Creta
Houston, Texas

"The program is fantastic and I can't stop using it! Thank you."

Cathy Billings
Seattle, Washington



"Thank you for having a great online system like Plan3D!  I'm a homeowner with a new house being built... haven't been able to find anything as simple and intuitive... until now."

Joy Banks
Des Moines, Iowa



"I have to say that this software has made a huge difference for us.  In a short time, I was able to take blueprints from our architect and put them in your software so I could "walk" my wife through our home to show how things would feel.  She was able, with confidence, to make some critical decisions about the design of our addition."

Hillery Schanck
Bangor, Maine



"I'm really enjoying using plan3d now [that] I've got used to it and find it excellent for the design work I'm doing on my house. My thanks to you for that, it's making things much easier."

Christopher Caress
Stockton, California


"I love this program!! It is exactly what I had been searching for to design and customize the home we're planning to build."

Tori Justice
Hartford, Connecticut



"I gotta tell ya'. This is one GREAT program. Last night I saw the new look. The "walk" is much different, more latitude and easier to maneuver - I LIKE IT"

Greg Gottreu
Sitka, Alaska



"Thanks for being innovative and convenient – and I appreciate the skew for modernism that you have."

Heather Cherry
San Francisco, California


"...a big thank you for a wonderful program! I've designed the house of my dreams - which impressed my architect!  He had no idea what kind of courtyard I wanted until I was able to show him!  How fantastic is that!"

Janice Brown
Washington D. C.

"Your program is great!  We have been able to plan out our entire remodel of an 1890's house."

Valerie Eberhart
Arlington, Virginia

[Even Professionals Like Plan3D]

"I have been using your product for several months now and I must say that it has been a great presentation tool. I am a freelance Architectural Designer/Draftsman. I specialize in custom home design, remodels & additions. I use AutoCAD for design and for the production of Construction Documents.

AutoCAD has great 3D capabilities and exchanges information with 100s of software programs to develop 3D renderings and models; however, I have been using Plan3D with great success as a preliminary presentation tool. I simply scan my floor plans and import as a trace file. And you know the rest.

Its fast and easy to use. I generally complete a simple 2-story 2000 square foot home with interior finishes, furniture and exterior finishes within 4 to 6 hours of work. I then export the files to a usable format where I generate slide shows using Windows Movie Live Maker. Its GREAT! and so easy to use and my clients love that they can see their dream home or addition with such realism. Thank you for a great product. It has helped me convince my clients to go with specific ideas or designs..."

Danny Jalife
Santa Paula, California


"...we printed several sheets of the entire project. We then hand taped them on a piece of card stock. (We were up till 10PM!)

Then at 8:45 AM this morning we met with the City of Moorhead building inspectors today and guess what.... your Plan3D Blueprint was so impressive, that it will be sufficient for us to complete a 100K renovation with a few of us in-house carpenters!...

Imagine the thousands that were saved by not hiring an Architect!  The inspector asked me how we did this and I gave him your web site! Very Cool eh?"

Bill Christofferson
Moorhead, Minnesota



I just wanted to drop your staff a note to let them know how pleased I have been with my subscription to this web site.  In design I have struggled at times when trying to get my clients to 'envision' what a particular space would look like with certain modifications and this completely takes the guesswork out of the equation.  Not only does it enable clients to view my vision without question, but also enables them to show me theirs as well, with adjustments to the initial plan before any major amount of money is spent.  

Though creative, I consider myself not to be computer savvy and this service was extremely easy to self teach.  After a weekend of simply playing with a model for fun I was able to easily navigate through my first project using this tool the following week and the response from the folks I was working with was great!  While I did hit a small bump due to my own operator error, it was immediately supported by a very knowledgeable service staff that guided me through my questions with ease.   

I have shared your service with associates in my field as well as those outside of it such as contractors, realtors and even friends considering the purchase of a home needing some remodeling. Thanks so much for providing such a great service!"

Victoria Rios
Albuquerque, NM



"First I must say this is the best home drawing program that I have used to date.  It is easy to use, has great documentation, can be easily modified and will do almost everything I want it to do."
Juneau, Alaska



"...I have been using it for almost a month now. I must say that I have been dreaming of using a program like this. I used to play "The Sims On-Line."

They had tools to build, almost identical to the tools that are used in plan3D. I've often wondered (while playing the game) why someone couldn't come up the same idea for an easy home design program.

Then I found your web site on the internet and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I can't tell you how pleased I am with your program. I have a hard time pulling myself away from it to do other things and find that can't wait to get back to it!...

I just want to say , "You guys have got it going on!"

Debbie Price
Twin Falls, Idaho



"I am thoroughly pleased with plan3D and have recommended it to my friends. Thank you for the personalized response to my concern."

Troy Cawley
Phoenix, Arizona


"So I have been working with your program for only about 4 days and I can't get enough. I work at a camp where we are constantly building, designing, or changing something - anything from buildings to stages to offices.

I am often involved in these changes, but lack the artistic ability to accurately draw out my idea or discuss the use of space with the left-brained people or the carpenters who hang up my "drawings" for their entertainment.

This program has allowed me (in less than 4 days) [to] create a proposal for the use of a space in our new building. A proposal that everyone understood, could visualize, and that had a tangible application.

No one giggled at my drawings in this proposal meeting - not when I was able to hand the carpenters the blueprints and the project manager the color, textures, furniture requests, and a 3D layout of the room... Thank you much. I thoroughly enjoy working with this program."

Murphy Felton
Springhill Camps
Evert, Michigan


"In case I haven’t told you, this is a great product .... Every one we showed our plans was very surprised at the quality of the drawings. Nearly all of them said our drawings were so good that it would save them time and in turn they would pass that savings on to us.

Additionally, over the past year I can’t tell you the number of revisions we made to this floor plan. Without exaggeration, this software has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes…things we thought we wanted until we modeled them in Plan3D.

We have two other architecture programs but neither offers the versatility of this one. The options available make our home realistic enough so that we can walk it and find what we like and don’t like… from the floor plan, to wall colors, furniture[,] accessories and kitchen cabinets. I love being able to open my cabinets to see how they fit with each other.

So, thank you for your work. It is greatly appreciated."

Andrea MacGregor
Dallas, Texas


"Hi to all at Plan3D.

I would like to congratulate you on your superb web site and software. Plan3D is the tops and your technical staff are second to none! All of my queries were answered in record time and it was no bother to the guys who replied.

Special thanks to Wes who sorted my problem. I live in Northern Ireland and it is the best £20 I have ever spent on software.

Thanks again and well done guys."

Rosemary Woodside
Belfast, North Ireland


"I think this is a super program and it has already really helped me to plan a better garden. I will continue to use it to decorate and plan the rest of the house too... Thanks Again."
Amanda Greaves
Barstow, California



"We use the Plan3D software with our students here at Tenor High School in Milwaukee. As part of the Earth Science unit, the business teacher and I had them design a bathroom and shop online for the items in their bathroom and stay within a budget of $3,000. I then had them look up what earth materials comprised each item they purchased (stone, clay, metals, alloys, etc.)

Although they didn't necessarily like to do the grunt work of pricing items and figuring out what they were made of, they LOVED your design software and it made it a fun project from which I THINK they learned something they can apply to their lives."

Julia Cabaniss
Milwaukee, Wisconsin



"...whoever came up with this software is a genius, it is so user friendly and fun and entertaining."

Hagop Bakhtairain
Dearborn, Michigan



"Been using Plan3d for about a week and I have to say its very good, has shown up more than a few problems in our design."

Harley Bird
Toledo, Ohio



"This program runs so much better on my new laptop. I subscribed to plan3D some time ago and was eventually reimbursed because I could not get it running properly [she had a ten-year-old computer].

After trying several other floor plan programs, I had to come back to Plan3D. It's the best program I've used. Thanks again!"

Sandy Middlemass
St. Louis, Missouri



"I purchased your 3D program, and after using it for two days decided it wasn't what I was looking for. You were kind enough to refund all my money without any delay.

I am writing to tell you that after I stopped using your program I bought two other programs: one of them being the very highly recommended, [program name deleted]  I found both programs to be a complete let down.

I know now that I was wrong about your program, it is by far one of the better design programs I have found. Please accept my apology and my re purchase of your service. If there are any further costs that you incurred when crediting my charge account please let me know."

Joe Furnari
Kansas City, Kansas


"At first I was upset that the software wasn't AutoCAD compatible, so I cancelled. Last night I had a "BALL" utilizing your program drawing my existing home. So much that I stayed up till 5:00 am!

Obviously, I signed up again. Well thanks for selling such easy & fun software."

Robert McLennan
Galveston, Texas


"...when my wife saw how easy it was for me to landscape in 3D, she bought a new Dell computer for herself so she could remodel the kitchen. I had no idea how expensive plan3D would turn out to be! (Don't let your spouse see how easy it is.)"

Tom Carringer
Chicago, Illinois



"I subscribed to Plan3d on Saturday night and have been using it all weekend. My mother-in-law's house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and she is having to make many decisions about rebuilding.

While it is exciting to be able to pick new features for the house it is also a daunting task to make sure she will be happy with the results.  This program has already helped her decide on the new windows and doors. Thank you."

Judy Kovacevich
Birmingham, Michigan



"Love the site and the Plan3d tool, finding it really useful as I start to plan renovations to my new house."

Adam Radcliffe
Austin, Texas



"Hey, I wanted to let you know that I think your software is fantastic. It’s so easy to use and gives great results... I’ve purchased other design software in the past, and always had difficulties trying to figure them out.

I was a little skeptical to try it at first because of your subscription licensing. Like everyone, I’m accustomed to purchasing software and having a copy I can say I own.  I took the leap though and am happy I did because I like the software."

David Scarani
Salt Lake City, Utah


""My partners and I discovered how easy it is to use plan3D for leasehold improvement mockups - even with signs. I was skeptical about your product at first, especially because of the price - but I'm a true believer now! Showing potential renters how a build out might look sometimes get us a verbal lease agreement day one. Thanks guys!"

Harrison Smit
Evanston, Illinois


"I absolutely love this program. We have been able to design our new home- changed so many things from the original draft. Walking around inside the 3-D view altered many of our plans for the better."

Shelley Cobbet
San Antonio, Texas



"...I'd just like to say that you have developed a truly wonderful product.

The user friendly workspace has helped me to bring my old school, "computers are evil" father, into the new millennium. He is one of the old time architects that  fails to see the benefits of learning CAD. This fact has lead us to many heated debate's. However, with the dawning of Plan3D, I've got him to use his computer for more than playing solitaire. Whoohoo! Thank you, Plan3D..."  

Charalee Nelson
Helena, Montana



"I recently bought plan3D and absolutely love it! I've told practically everyone I know about it. I'm a home remodeling professional and I think this program is going to be a great boon to my business."

Dave W. Sharp
Las Vegas, Nevada


"My wife and I recently retired and thought it'd be fun to open a little cafe, book store, movie rental shop to keep us busy. There's been a lot of vacancies around here lately so we lucked out and found a great location and low rent.

We've used plan3D in the past for our house and decided to lay out the store interior and try our hand at the storefront and sign too.

We've only been open a couple months but we're already breaking even! You ought to tell people that plan3D is good for more than home designing stuff. You're really missing out."

K. Gramis
San Francisco, California

"I'd like to thank you for a wonderful piece of software. It is both powerful yet easy to use, and by far the best home design tool I've come across."

Toby Webb
Buffalo, New York



"This is wonderful drawing software. I have used [program name deleted] and others and they're almost impossible... I think Plan3D eclipses them in every way."

Phil Cross
Victoria, Canada


"I subscribed to your web site and absolutely love it!  I have sent your web page to friends and family and some of them have already subscribed, too. "

Karen Shell
Wichita, Kansas



"I made the mistake of buying a $50 package from a retail store [product name deleted]. It's garbage compared to your product!"

Brian Garland
Beaverton, Oregon



"A terrific piece of software. I've barely scratched the surface but I love it."

Val Lawson
Lansing, Michigan


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