Building Wizard


Use the Building Wizard to instantly create a shell for home, office and other structures, etc. It automatically constructs walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.


After the structure is created, add doors, windows, interior walls, paint and furnishings to complete your building design.




Building Wizard
Building Examples

Interior Dimensions

What Next? 


Building Wizard


Follow these steps to use the wizard:

Step 1 (of 3):

  1. Choose "Building Wizard" from the File menu

  2. Pick building shape by clicking radio button above it

  3. Choose whether you want metric or US measurements

  4. Choose interior or exterior measurements

  5. Click "Go to Step 2" button

Step 2 (of 3):


  1. Enter wall dimensions

  2. Enter wall width

  3. Click "Go to Step 3" button


Step 3 (of 3):


  1. Pick gabled, hipped or no roof

  2. Pick ceiling option

  3. Enter wall height

  4. Enter number of floors (as in 2-stories, 4-stories, etc.)

  5. Click "Generate Plan" button





Building Examples


Here are two examples of what you can do with buildings after you create them in the Building Wizard. You're limited only by your imagination.



Interior Dimensions


If wall dimensions in blueprint are showing exterior instead of interior, right-click the wall and choose "Measure Other Side."


What Next?


To complete your home design do the following:


  1. Add windows and doors from Directory. See door and window.

  2. Add interior walls. See drawing walls.

  3. Cut holes in walls between rooms using cut hole.

  4. Add tubs, showers, toilets and sinks from bathroom category. See bathroom design.

  5. Add cabinets and countertops to bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. See cabinet basics.

  6. Add wall, floor and countertop coverings. See adding materials.

  7. Paint your rooms. See paints and colors.

  8. Do interior design by adding furniture, framed art. See interior design

  9. Add exterior architecture like porch roofs, fences, columns and posts.

  10. Landscape your yard with landscaping objects from directory. See landscaping.