Dimensions are shown in blueprint and elevation modes.


Dimensions in Blueprint

Insert Custom Dimension

Interior and Exterior

Change All Dimensions To...

Hide Dimensions

Dimensions in Blueprint

When you draw walls in blueprint mode a dimension line is shown. Dimensions also indicate window, door and hole positions relative to each other and to the wall edges. Adjust dimension position by dragging numbers or handles where you want. Hide dimension by right-clicking wall and choosing "Hide Dimension"





Insert Custom Dimension

In blueprint mode, choose "Insert Custom Dimension" from the Build menu and click-and-drag in blueprint mode to draw a dimension. Hold in shift key while drawing to draw at any angle - otherwise the dimensions will draw at 90 and 45 degree angles only.


Modifying Dimensions:


Change dimension length by dragging end handles

Adjust Position in Block by dragging center handle

Move dimension by click-and-dragging on the dimension numbers

Change font by right-clicking dimension text and choosing Change Font...

Interior and Exterior Dimensions

The interior and exterior dimension is usually dictated by which side of the wall you measure. If the dimension you see is for the exterior - and you want to the measure the interior side - then right-click the dimension and choose "Measure Other Side."


Change All Dimensions To...

Choose this menu item to set the font, size, style and color of the text for all dimensions in blueprint and elevation mode. (See illustration above.)


To change one dimension's font, right-click it and choose "Change Font."

Hide Dimensions

Hide all dimensions by choosing Build> Dimensions> Hide Dimensions. Hide one dimension by right-clicking it or its wall and choosing "Hide Dimension (blueprint only)"


Keyboard Shortcut: D


Editing Speed: Hide dimensions to significantly improve editing in blueprint.