Kitchen Design


Remodel your kitchen any way you want using a large variety of cabinets, countertops, sinks, flooring, wallpaper, tile and wall paint. The possibilities are endless.


Use Google or Yahoo to find idea sites like or




Create a Room or Building

Add Cabinets and Countertops

Add Appliances

Apply Wall and Floor Coverings



Create a Room or Building For Your Kitchen

To begin, you'll need to create room walls to match your kitchen size. If you're only doing the kitchen and not the rest of the house click here. If you're creating a kitchen in one room of your house then you'll need to read Quick Introduction.

Add Cabinets and Countertops

Plan3D comes with a large assortment of cabinets for your kitchen projects. See Cabinet Design for detailed instructions on how to add cabinets, countertops, back-splashes, sinks and faucets to your kitchens.


Wall cabinets are dragged on to walls. Base  cabinets are dragged onto the floor.


Videos: See kitchens being designed and assembled in these movies.


Design Kitchen Cabinets Movie. Kitchen design video. Kitchen cabinets design video.


Convert Wall Cabinets to Free-Standing: If you want on-wall cabinets (or any other on-wall or in-wall or other 'Must Attach' objects) to be free standing, drag them in while holding in the shift and underscore "_" keys. This will allow it to be moved around like other free standing objects.


Sizes: Plan3D's cabinets come in most standard sizes. However, you are free to change the size of any cabinet by right-clicking it and choosing "Set Dimensions".


See Cabinet Design for more information.

Add Appliances

There are a number of appliances in the directory for your kitchens:


  • Stoves and ovens come both as separate appliances and as part of cabinets.

  • Cooktops may be dropped in from the directory and placed on countertops.

  • Refrigerators and Freezers of all types and sizes may be obtained from the directory.

  • Dishwashers come as stand-alone units and as cabinet based units.


There are plenty of other kitchen accessories like toasters, spoons, pots and pans, knife blocks and so on to finish your designs.


Size Note: Plan3D's appliances come in many standard sizes. However, you are free to change the size of any appliance by right-clicking it and choosing "Set Dimensions".

Apply Wall and Floor Coverings

Try different tile on the floor, wallpaper and paint on the walls and Formica to countertops by dragging them from the Directory.


See Applying Materials for more information about paint or wallpapering all or part of a floor, countertop or wall.


See Paint and Color for information about Faux paints, paint and  tinting textures.