Wall Preferences


Change defaults for wall-related items.


General Wall Defaults


Default Wall Height...

This setting provides two important functions...


Wall Height: This height used when drawing walls.


Height Between Floors: This is the default height between floor levels in centimeters if metric, in inches in US.


This distance is the underside of the lower floor measured up to the topside of next higher floor. Not to be confused with the in-between floors you create when you draw floors and drag them up or down manually with the floor handle.


Interior Wall Thickness

The default thickness for interior walls. Consider the thickness of studs and drywall when calculating.


Exterior Wall Thickness

The default thickness for exterior walls.





Wall Defaults for Materials and  Reflections



This note explains how to set material defaults for walls - those materials which automatically are applied to walls whenever you draw them.


To make your own default materials do this:


  1. Apply the same or different materials to the outside wall, inside wall, and wall edge.

  2. Apply colors and set reflections by right-clicking surfaces and choosing properties.

  3. Right-click wall and choose "Make Default" from the pop-up menu.


All subsequent walls you draw will have those materials applied to them as the default - even after you close plan3D and reopen it.


To set plan3D back to its original materials click the Restore Defaults button or uninstall and reinstall plan3D.