Duplicate a selected object.



Quick Duplicate

Create Rows and Columns

Duplication Errors


Select an object and choose Duplicate from the Edit menu. A copy will be made offset a small distance from the original.


Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+D





Quick Duplicate

Hold in the Q key and drag an object to peel off a copy. When peeling off windows, doors and holes you must drag them completely away from the original before you'll see them.

Create Rows and Columns

Create rows and columns of objects by Q-dragging them the distance and angle you want from the original. Then just press Ctrl+D to repeat duplicating.




A Row of Windows:


  1. Draw a long building like the one below

  2. Drop a window on left side of wall

  3. Q drag the window a foot to the right of the original

  4. Choose Duplicate several times to create a row of windows.



Evenly Spaced Chairs


1. Drag in a chair

2. Q drag a copy to the right of the original

3. Press Ctrl-D several times to create a row

4. Choose Multiple Select from the Edit menu to select all the chairs

5. Choose "Group" from the Edit menu

6. Q drag the grouped chairs behind the originals

7. Press Ctrl-D to create more rows

Duplication Errors

If windows, doors or holes don't have space to put the duplicate - you'll get an error message indicating that duplicate could not be completed. Choose Undo if necessary.