Copy Color and Material


Use to copy a surface from one place and paste it to another.


Copy Surface

Repeat Paste

Global Paste

Copy Surface

"Copy Color and Material" functions as described below:

This works with walls, furniture and other surfaces. Walls, floors, countertops and roofs also copy reflectivity and bump maps.


  1. Choose "Copy Color and Material" from the Edit menu to copy all relevant surface information, including material, paint color, reflectivity and bump map.

  2. Cursor changes to eyedropper.

  3. Click eyedropper on surface you want to copy.

  4. Cursor will change to a paint bucket.

  5. Click paint bucket on surface to paste surface material. Hold in shift if you want to keep pasting the same surface information to other surfaces. Click Esc key to cancel the paint bucket.


Keyboard Shortcut: C  




Repeat Paste

To paste to multiple surfaces - hold in shift when clicking with paint bucket. Let up the shift key for the last click or press Esc to turn off paint bucket.

Global Paste

When clicking paint bucket on walls, floors, countertops and roofs, only one surface is painted.  


To paste to all sides of a wall, floor, countertop or roof simultaneously hold down these keys:


Alt key: Hold down when clicking surfaces with paint bucket to paste to all sides of a wall, floor, countertop and roof.


Alt and Ctrl key: Hold both keys down when clicking with paint bucket to paste to all sides of all walls, floors, countertops and roofs.



Also see About Paint and Color, About Materials and Draw Material for more information.