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Plan3D: 3D Interior Design for Home, Office, Store, and Restaurant                        

Bath & Interior Design Tool
for Busy Homeowners

Remodel a Bathroom, Furnish Your Living Room, Design a Kitchen, & Redo Your Office
  Home Design

K. Gramis

World's Most Versatile Interior Design Tool

Welcome to the most realistic Interior Design program you'll find built into a web page. We include everything you need to get started immediately. Lay out kitchens, bathrooms, basements, bedrooms, offices, games rooms - and even retail stores and restaurants.

Do an Entire House or Just One Room

A room interior is designed first with walls, doors and windows - then drop in paint, carpet, tile, and curtains. Add furniture and cabinets as needed - then experiment with other variations of furniture, fabrics, wood textures, carpet, tile, and paint until it looks exactly the way you want. Repeat if you want to do other rooms in a house - or quit after one room.

No Experience Necessary

You have better things to do than learn software. Our room and building wizards build the structure for you in seconds after you enter dimensions. Or you can do it all freehand or work from a floor plan if you want. Simple tools like this are why plan3D is the easiest home design tool on the market. If you know the Internet you know plan3D.   Testimonials...

Change Views to Suite Your Needs

Design in whatever view you're comfortable with - or switch between views with a mouse click. For example, design in 3D,then switch to blueprint view to work with your floor plan and dimensions. Whatever you do in one view is immediately reflected in the other.

Great for Office, Store, and Restaurant Too

Although plan3D is best known as a design tool for home interiors - you can also design interiors for office buildings, retail stores, churches, restaurants, warehouses, police stations, storage facilities, and any other kind of structure you have in mind.

Not Just for Homeowners

For the same reasons homeowners love plan3D's short learning curve, interior designers, contractors, decorators, and other busy professionals will find it an indispensable tool for client presentations. Testimonial...

Large Library of Furnishings, Paint, & Textures

Click here for samples of 3D models.You get over six gigabytes of 3D furniture like sofas, chairs, patio furniture, tables, cabinets, appliances, windows, and doors - all re-sizable. click for video

Choose from thousands of fabrics, paint colors, and textures like carpet, bricks, pavers, upholstery, leather, wallpaper, wood textures, and so on. Or drop your own photos and graphics into picture frames, onto walls, onto furniture, and any other surfaces.

Simple Kitchen Design

Layout a modern or classical kitchen. Drop in different styles of cabinets with any type of wood stain or color. Put in tile or wood floors, stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, cooktops, and other kitchen accessories.   More About kitchens

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Travatine Tile

Applying tiles has never been easier - or more versatile. Drag-and-drop tiles onto a floor, wall, or countertop. Mix tiles in any combination. You're not limited to our large selection - You can use tile images off tile company web sites or use your own tile images.

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Interior Design

Realistic 3D Home Design

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Interior Design

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System Requirements
Works on any laptop or desktop PC running Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000.

Macintosh OS, iPad, iPhone, and Android not supported. More...

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